Friday, April 3, 2009

I just can't throw anything out

So, I try to repurpose as much as I can. It's good financially, it's good for the's good. But you would think I could draw the line at food. Apparently not.

When I came upon this today, I just couldn't let it go. A whole bowl of lollipops leftover from Halloween! They have a lot in common with my other crafting supplies. They're colorful, abundant, and outlived their usefulness. So lollipop earrings are the obvious next step.

After a little trial and error, I came up with something pretty adorable.

I kind of love them! If only I had pierced ears. I could actually see myself getting my ears pierced for these. Potentially.

I'm so excited that I have a whole bowl of lollipops to play with! I'm experimenting with different kinds of jewelry (and furniture) with them at the moment.

These are up in my new etsy shop if anyone is interested.

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